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Does The Feed You Use Deliver What Is On The Tag?

This rate is a percentage of tests passed for feed tag guarantees collected by inspectors of The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services(NCDA).
300 mills are tested by the NCDA.  These 10 mills represent 30% of all feed tested. Mule City Specialty Feeds is sampled at three times the rate for an average manufacturer. From July 2007 to June 2008 Mule City Specialty Feed passed all tests. The other 9 manufacturers failed 38 tests.  During this period Mule City Specialty feed was fined $0 and the other 9 manufacturers paid Approximately $5,000.  Why would your manufacturer rather pay the fine than meet the guarantees on the feed tag?
Mule City Specialty Feeds has failed only 4 Tests in 28 years.

Can your Horse Feed say that?

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