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. Horse

Horse Feeds

Sweet Feed with Corn pdf

Sweet Feed with Barley (no corn) pdf

Super Horse pdf

All Stock Hay Maximizer  tag

All Stock Hi-Fat tag

Super Stock pdf

M1 Max. Nutrition pdf

M2 Max. Nutrition  pdf

M3 Max. Nutrition pdf

MP Max. Performance pdf

Super Complete Horse Feed pdf

Foal Starter pdf

Max. Supplement pdf

Bagged Oats pdf

Crimped Oats pdf

. Cattle

. Sheep

Sheep Feeds

Sheep Feed pdf

Show Lamb  pdf


. Goat

Goat Feed

Goat Feed  pdf

Maximum Goat Feed pdf

. Poultry

Poultry Feeds

Game Bird  pdf

Layer Mash pdf

Natural Layer

Super Chick pdf

Water Fowl pdf

Scratch Grain pdf

Cracked Corn pdf

*We also carry Southern States Layer Pellets and Medicated Chick Starter.  Please inquire for more information.

. Swine

Swine Feeds-all of our stock swine feeds are Non-GMO project verified.

Non GMO Top Hog  pdf

Non GMO Sow Feed  pdf

Non GMO Show Pig  pdf

Non GMO Lactation  pdf

. Other

Pet Feeds

For your dog and cat needs, we carry Diamond and Sunshine Mills Pet Food. We keep a decent quantity and variety on hand in the store for your convenience.  Rabbit pellets are also available.  Please inquire for further details. 


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